City + Wild


To many, there is a clearly defined separation between living an urban lifestyle or living in nature. Living in a city can expose one to many different cultures and experiences. Living in nature can provide balance and be a mirror of self ­awareness. To M.C. Hoffner, she prefers to sit on the fence. She embraces both worlds and is better for it.

Living in Nashville TN., M.C. lives a fast­paced professional life in the tech industry and does a “side­hustle” as a yoga instructor at the Inner Light Yoga studio. Nashville has an atmosphere that is inspiring, energetic and hosts a culmination of cultures, music and people that feed creativity and push professional boundaries. The nightlife is eclectic and the honky­tonks are world renowned. This city provides everything a city­dweller could ask for.

Nashville is nestled in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Plateau and is in close proximity to many beautiful rivers and streams. These natural areas provide M.C. with the reprieve she needs after a long work week. Getting out of the city and into the “wild” provides space to realize priorities and refresh relationships. Hiking and paddle boarding provide the immersion into the environment that one simply cannot get while surrounded by buildings and concrete.

Life is about balance and M.C. seems to have found a way to keep it. With urban energy and natural renewal, she is City & Wild.