After serving his country as a soldier, BOTE ambassador Landon Mace decided to move home to Bend, Oregon to follow his passion for fly fishing. With support from his wife, Landon spends his days wading rivers, tying flies and guiding others who share his passion for the outdoors.

Landon traveled the world while serving his country, which only made him appreciate his home state of Oregon even more. With full support from his wife Kelsey, Landon follows his true passion – fly fishing.

Landon appreciates the simple things nowadays, like being able to grow out his hair and have a real mustache, but it’s really all about the fish. It’s all become very clear for him. “Before I go to bed, I’m sitting there thinking about fish, when I wake up, I’m thinking about fish. That’s the reality of it. It’s a passion that really just consumes me.”

It was a natural evolution for Landon to become a guide on the rivers he knows so well. Now, on any day, Landon can be found wading, casting, tying flies and guiding others who share his passion for fly fishing.

Landon doesn’t take for granted the place he calls home. He’s surrounded by everything he loves – His wife, the mountains, and the rivers. He spent years serving his country and now he gets to do what makes him the happiest. That usually involves grabbing his dog and a fly rod, then heading out to chase fish.