How to: Inflate an Aerobote
A brief video showing the steps to inflate your inflatable paddle board.
How to: Pack Up Your Inflatable Paddle Board
A brief video about how to roll up and pack your inflatable paddle board.
How to: Install Centre Fin
A brief video showing you the steps for installing the centre fin in your BOTE paddle board.
How to: Install Side Fins
A brief video showing the steps for installing the side fins in a BOTE paddle board.
Getting Started Guide: Rover Aero
Everything you need to know about how to use and configure your BOTE Rover Aero Motorized inflatable paddle board.
Aero Chair
The chair–seemingly unchanged for decades, has been reimagined. Meet the most portable, storable, lightweight, and comfortable chair around - the patent-pending Aero Chair. Yep, it's inflatable. When Deflated, it folds up to fit into the most compact of spaces. Add...
Getting Started Guide: Rover
STORY: COREY COOPERPHOTOGRAPHY: SEAN MURPHYVIDEO: 101 EXIT MEDIA  Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine. I starting trail riding as a teenager and spent countless hours in my garage turning nuts and bolts and rebuilding engines without any real guide for...